21st Century

The twenty-first century will be noteworthy for the following anniversary dates.

William Rooney came to Chicago in 1835 and 2035 will mark 200 years.

Mick and Betty will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in 2024.

Michael was born in 1917 and his 100th celebration was in 2017. Marie and her twin sister Anna will record their 100th birthday in 2023.

Mick will celebrate 50 years in Physics and Engineering in 2025, and he has been treated for six separate cancers over the first 23 years of this century. The first was in 2001, second in 2003, third in 2015, fourth in 2018, fifth in 2022-23, and sixth in July 2023. He prefers IG-SRT as the treatment procedure in Chicago. Two surgeries were performed at two hospitals located in Chicago, and four radiation treatments were administered in the states of Illinois and Michigan. The last medical procedure consisted of seven weeks of image-guided treatment with a total of 21 visits to a specialized cancer-treatment facility in Chicago.

A Positron Emission Tomography scan detected a new cancer in February 2024, and a medical team of specialists at the University of Chicago are working with Mick for treatment. His medications cost several thousands of dollars per month, and he currently is not experiencing any side effects. Mick recommends family members to complete an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan to determine any abnormality that could be hidden, and showing no symptoms. There are several private companies that administer MRI scans, and Prenuvo is a leading MRI facility in Chicago. Mick is the leading authority for family genealogy, and he has researched the medical issues that afflicted our ancestors in Chicago.

Katie will return from a work assignment in Sweden in order to complete the agreement that was reached in a court settlement that was finalized in July 2023. The family celebrates four birthdays in mid-May. Her father and brother share the same birthday. Katie and her mother have birthdays four days apart.

Thomas Talbot came to Chicago in 1861, and will celebrate 200 years in 2061. He owned and operated a saloon at 17th and Wentworth between 1870 and 1878, until the area was redeveloped after the Chicago Fire.

Patrick Flanagan came to Chicago from Michigan in 1883, and his 200 years will be in 2083. He wed Anna Kane in 1886 with 200 years in 2086.

Katherine (Kittie) Rooney will celebrate her 200th birthday in 2049, and her 200th wedding anniversary with Edward Talbot will be in 2080.

Marie Talbot wed Martin Flanagan in 1922, and their 100th wedding anniversary was in 2022. Her daughter Marie owned and operated a tavern located at the NE corner of Lyman and Farrell in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

St. Bridget's Church was founded in 1847 as a mission of St. Patrick's Church on Archer Avenue in the Bridgeport neighborhood. The Irish Catholics that built the Illinois and Michigan Canal were living throughout the area, and Lock Street was an important river dock located near the church. Several members of the family were parishioners, and Michael and Marie were married there. Their 100th wedding anniversary will be in 2050.

Holy Name Cathedral was dedicated in 1849 at State and Superior in Chicago, and the Rooney family were parishioners after they relocated to the area in the 1860s. Old St. Patrick's Church was erected in 1846 at Desplaines and Randolph, and later relocated to Desplaines and Adams. The Talbot family were parishioners in the 1860s.

The Chicago Fire of 1871 will be honored this century for 200 years, and William Rooney began construction on his primary residence located at 43 E. Division. He constructed two other buildings located in Downtown Chicago at Wells & Lake and Franklin & Lake.

The Irish Famine of 1845-1848 was responsible for several members in our genealogical record relocating to Chicago during that time period. Thomas Talbot wed Hannah McDonald in Massachusetts in 1852 before they came to Chicago. The Rooney and Flanagan families were here before and after the Famine.

The Bridgeport neighborhood was annexed to Chicago in 1863, and the Byczek family members began to settle in the neighborhood in 1887. They were primarily associated with St Mary of Perpetual Help, and that is where the majority of the marriages took place. Martin and Maryanna were wed in 1907 at St Mary's. Most of our line moved to St. Barbara after it was built in 1910.

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